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Payment Process

At Anelove, when making a payment, customers enter their credit card details into a secure electronic banking system provided by renowned processors such as Square, WorldPay, Adyen, and PayPal. Purchases can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB circuits. For more information, please visit the respective websites of Square, WorldPay, PayPal, and Adyen.



Credit Card Security


All transactions are conducted on a secure server to ensure maximum protection of our customers’ personal data. Anelove’s Customer Service operators are never authorized to request or accept credit card numbers or validity data.

To further protect e-commerce purchases, Anelove recommends that customers subscribe to services like Verified By Visa or Mastercard SecureCode, which provide a security PIN for safer transactions. For more details, visit Visa or Mastercard.



Immediate Debit Card


If the account balance is sufficient and the banking details provided are valid, the transaction will be processed immediately. The credit card will be charged at the time of purchase, including for pre-orders, although such items may be shipped later in the season.





Choosing PayPal as the payment method allows customers to pay directly from their authorized PayPal accounts. Anelove accepts only payments from verified PayPal accounts.



New Customers


Anelove wishes to remind new customers that we may request transaction verification by Mollie or PayPal, which may contact the issuing bank to confirm the customer’s details. This verification can cause a slight delay in the transaction.